TU VOTO is a Vote Advice Application created for the 2018 November 6th elections of Governor and Senator of the states of Florida and Texas.

Voting Advice Applications (VAA) are electronic tools that allow the electorate to be located within a given party system. This type of application does not seek to determine the voter’s vote, but to offer a specific positioning according to their responses in a precise manner and based on the proposals and actions of the different candidates.

TU VOTO takes the form of a web page and is based on a questionnaire that identifies the user ideologically, in specific thematic blocks, regarding the candidacies that attend the elections of 2018 November 6th to the Governor of Florida or Texas and Senator for Florida and Texas. Once the questionnaire is completed, the users obtain the results that allow them to see in a graphic and intuitive way the application that accurately matches their preferences. TU VOTO is an initiative that is built from methodological rigor and total independence from political parties and public institutions, two essential features to guarantee reliable results to our users.


Tecpol is an ideograma project based on the analysis, research and development of projects related to technopolitics.

ideograma is a consulting and advisory company in public communication with a trajectory of more than 30 years. One of the axes of its professional activity is developed from projects related to social and political innovation through digital technologies. Thus, ideograma encourages, leads and collaborates with initiatives that aim to deploy tools for the improvement of political processes or the transformation of organizations.

For this project, we have the collaboration of UNIVISION